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"With a feeling for Africa"

Charter of Ethics and Behavior


This Ethical Charter has been created in order to promote a high level of professional behavior. It is aiming in particular for quality of service, impartiality, sense of social and environmental responsibilities, fairness of concurrence and good trademark of the consulting activity.


Afrisensio s.r.o. will abstain from signing any contract without having the competence, capabilities or required qualification to fulfill the service ordered by the client. However it is possible that company will punctually hire experts in order to cope with the contract’s requirements.


Afrisensio s.r.o applies an equal-opportunities human resources policy in accordance with the law. In particular, it does not permit any discrimination for illicit reasons such as sex, age, morals, race or nationality, disabilities, religious, political or trade union opinions or commitments. Pursuant to the Global Compact principles in terms of Human Rights, Afrisensio s.r.o. does not permit any violations of Human Rights.


Afrisensio s.r.o. is committing itself to maintaining and improving in permanence its knowledge and know-how at a level which is compatible with evolution of technologies and regulations in order to provide the client with a service of the highest quality.


Afrisensio s.r.o. will act in an impartial way under any circumstance while conducting the given mission. It will inform the client of any conflict of interest which could occur during the execution of the mission.


For a given contract, Afrisensio s.r.o. will never accept any remuneration which could tarnish its independence of judgment, apart from what was agreed with the client.


Afrisensio s.r.o. will abstain from action or declaration which could damage the image of the profession of consultant or be harmful to the reputation of someone else.


In order to get contracts, Afrisensio s.r.o. will abstain from resorting to methods which are incompatible with the rules of integrity which are promoted by the current Charter.


Afrisensio s.r.o and its employees must adhere to the laws, regulations and standards applicable in all countries where they carry on their business. Specifically, pursuant to the Global Compact principles of employment rights, they must recognize freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, they must not carry out any kind of forced or compulsory labor, or permit any kind of child labor, and ensure there is no discrimination in relation to employment and profession. All employees must refrain from any behavior that could lead them or other employees, their company to carry out unlawful or disloyal acts. In this regard, at Afrisensio s.r.o no performance targets may be defined, imposed, accepted or remunerated in any way whatsoever if this entails derogation of these rules.


Afrisensio s.r.o. will respect the greatest confidentiality in its relationship with its clients.


In accordance with the Global Compact environment principles, Afrisensio s.r.o has a precautionary approach to environmental problems. Afrisensio s.r.o strives to make its employees more responsible with regard to the environment, and to give priority to the development and dissemination of environment-friendly technologies. Afrisensio s.r.o strives to limit the environmental impact of its activities and those of the users of its services by implementing an active policy in this regard. All employees must assist with implementation of the measures taken by Afrisensio s.r.o to protect the environment and encourage sustainable development, striving to make a contribution to good practices, especially in terms of reducing consumption, reducing production of waste, and selective waste sorting.